About Us

The Beginning - or "How a spontanious idea became more than meets the eye"


Who is "Us" anyway?

Guido, the Tech-Admin of the Forum and the Pedia, handled the original programming and technical support. Andy, in charge of graphics and reports, worked on everything related to visual aspects as well as all editorial work. Both huge metal fans, they became aware of Indica on Nightwish´s Deja Vu Tour in 2009. They were very touched by the music and the show the Ladies presented and, as we had the chance to enjoy the band once again back at Bochum Total 2009, we felt there had to be a something on the web regarding their music. After doing some research, they discovered there was (until then) only the Finnish/English (official) Website Indica.fi, which made them decide to do something in German so the band would become better in their home country. They never expected the band would make such an incredible impact throughout Europe back then.


Creating the Project

It all began with registering the domain Indicafans.de, creating a MySpace, and a huge portion of enthusiasm. Yet, shortly after the launch, we realized that the project should be more than pure information. We wanted other fans to be an active part of it so it was back to the drawing-board and make something up. The thought of creating a Wiki was dropped pretty fast back then (looking at it now makes it a bit ironic since we do have our Wiki after all) so we decided to start a multilingual forum. After all the technical aspects were taken care of by Guido, we had to admit that the project itself was growing way faster than we'd expected and a .de-Domain wouldn't really appeal to any international user, which is why the whole thing was called Indica-Fans.net from that day on.


Going online

On July 24th, 2009, the forum finally went online. We sought to make it more popular on the internet and were even more motivated when the band stated their support to the project. Nevertheless, it took its time before the site became known amongst the fans, considering back then, it was months away from the "Pahinta Tännän - kokoelma" release and Indica wasn't that know to the international audience like they are today. On the other hand, we knew the Ladies were working on their first English Debut, so, it was just a matter of patience.


Indica Goes Worldwide

As the specifics of the English debut album became more detailed, the more appealing the project was to the fans. The daily visitors of the forum began increasing and we did our best to keep up-to-date with the latest news, realizing that the forum was still the only German source of information that time. Then, when "A WAY AWAY" was announced, even the Ladies official website had a huge overhaul which made us realize this would be the right time to introduce our project once more to the band. Revamping the looks of the forum, we took our chance and made contact with the bands label Nuclear Blast, regarding our request to become the bands official German forum. This was the beginning of several days of impatient waiting for us, for we had never thought we might get the approval.


Becoming Official

A couple of days later, we received an email from Nuclear Blast, informing us that they followed the project for quiet a while and liked what we did. Then, they announced Indica-Fans.net to be the official German forum to the band from that day on. We were more than stunned as we read this, and looking back to where we started, we'd never thought this might actually happen. No wonder the enthusiasm we had was only increased and a lot of changes and modifications were made to have the forum become even more user friendly and plans were made to raise the appeal of the project even more.


The First Event

We came up with the idea, inspired from Nightwish's Nightmail, that fans of the band would love to ask their questions from the band and it would be a great event for all the forum users, if the members of the boards (English, Finnish, French and ours) could state them directly to the ladies. So we informed Nuclear Blast about the idea and they liked what we had in mind. Also our colleagues from the other forums liked the plan and so we ended up in preparing the first ever fan-made interview with Indica...


How Things Went On

Indica-Fans.net, the official Indica forum, was started in the summer of 2009 by Andy and Guido. Who would ever have thought that it would become this successful within two years? What began as a simple idea to start a discussion forum about the Finnish all-girl band Indica has become a very popular website. Fans from all over the world know their way to Indica-Fans.net for the latest news, photos, reports and interviews. In January of 2011, Nathalie has strengthened the team with a Dutch section. The boys live near the Dutch border, so for them it was a very logical step to expand the site with a Dutch section within the forum. Andy contacted Nathalie who has made photos at the concert in Veenendaal (NL).


Expansion and The Big Move

In December of 2012, the official English, Finnish, and French forums on Indica's official were attacked forcing the staff to shut it down. Afterwards, Nuclear Blast decided to keep the forum permanently closed and declare Indica-Fans.net as the official Indica forum. Since then some of the topics from the old forum have been restored to the new Indica-Fans.net forum. In Spring 2012, Andy somewhat "retired" and formally turned control of the project over to Watchlord. Since then, Indica-Fans.net has added Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, and French to the already existing German, English, Finnish forums. With this we have taken in many new staff members. See below...



The Original Indica-Pedia Team:


Indicana Jones




Founders and Former Admins:


Andy: Retired Admin and Founder (ENG/DE) [RETIRED]

Andy was born is 1976 and lives in Kleve, Germany. He works as media designer at Pixelschnee which he runs together with Guido. Besides his work, he is also creative with photography and writing short stories and poems. Music is also one of his hobbies, and he enjoys plaing his guitar and listens to Indica, Nightwish, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Placebo, Korpiklaani and Kamelot. Another band that he also likes is HIM, but he gets teased by Guido for that.A special concert was Nightwish (Deja Vu Tour), simply because he's always busy with his work and often fails to be present at a concert. According to Andy, the best concert was of Indica was in Stuttgart. Not necessarily because it’s Indica, but the entire entourage. He drank a beer with Ewo (manager of Nightwish) and he could take a look backstage.


Guido: Retired Admin, Retired Programmer, and Founder (ENG/DE) [RETIRED]

Guido was born in 1984. Together with Andy he builds and programs various websites at Pixelschnee. Besides Indica, Nightwish is his favourite band. He listens to many different musicstyles as long as the music has a good rhythm and melody. Guido enjoyes himself playing bass in a band and also working next to his job with computers. He is fascinated by everything that has to do with electronics. He also considers the most special concert was INDICA in Stuttgart, where he had the chance to meet Jonsu. Additionally, for him, the “secret” concert of Nightwish in Hamburg was very special, because the group played the first time with the new singer. Unique because the band played under a false name “Sushi Patrol” for an audience of 300 people.





Watchlord: Admin and Current Owner (ENG/日本)

Watchlord lives in the United States. Coincidently, he discovered Indica on Jonsu’s birthday in 2011 while looking at Nightwish videos on YouTube. Since then, Indica has been his favorite band. Watchlord joined the Indica-Fans team as the moderator of the English forums in December 2012 and is the current administrator of Indica-fans.net, Indica - United States, and the Jonsu Fanclub which can be found on Facebook. Watchlord works in IT and IT Security. His interests include Star Trek, Forgotten Realms, Elves, and Computers.



Archivists (Moderators):


Severus: Archivist and Moderator (ENG/RU/UK)

Severus is the Archivist for the Indica-Fans.net forum. He is known for going through the recovered database from the attacked forum and reposting the old topics in our new forum. In addition, he is the moderator for the Ukrainian and Russian forums. Born in 1977 and living in Nizhyn, Chernihiv region, Ukraine. Indica, L’Ame Immortelle, Persephone, Coma Divine, Sopor Aeternus, Markize, Levania, Theatres des Vampires, Xandria, Fleur, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Hizaki Grace Project , etc. are the bands that Severus likes. He is interested in Gothic subculture, art, politics, mysticism.





Nathalie: Moderator/Translator and Site Publisher (NL)

Born in 1986 and living in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands. She works within her own designing and photography studio, Scaberro, for various companies. Indica, Nightwish, Epica, Tristania and Placebo are some bands that Nathalie loves. In her spare time she has various creative activities basically the same as in her work, such as screen printing, drawing and photography. She likes, in particular, the performances in small venues the most because of the atmosphere, like the concert of Indica in Veenendaal. Also, she enjoyed the show of Placebo in 2009. It's not only live a good band, but they also had a great light show.


Indicana Jones: Moderator, Übersetzer und Site Publisher (GER)

was born in 1984 in Hamburg and still lives in the Hamburg area. His hobbies are playing the keyboard and the piano, reading, taking photos, image processing and computers in general. Favourite bands include Nightwish, Within Temptation, SOAD, Indica and PMMP. His first and so far only (but certainly not last) Indica conzert was Bochum/Germany in October 2010.


Telajel: Moderator/Translator and Site Publisher (PL)

She was born in 1996 and lives in Cracow, Poland. Her biggest hobbies are writing and translating new Indica’s interviews. Her favourite band is Indica, but she also enjoys Nightwish, Within Temptation, Metallica, Epica and Rammstein. In her spare time she usually reads or writes something, very rarely she sings. Her favorite concert was Within Temptation in Cracow. The atmosphere was really great and Sharon was very beautiful, of course the music was really amazing. Also Indica was great at Seven Festival, but she is waiting for a concert with smaller audience, fans only.


Indicana Jones: Moderator/Translator and Site Publisher (DE)

Indicana Jones was part of the orgianal Indica-Pedia team. Since the retirement of the original founders, he has stepped up as the German moderator and site publisher.


Nico: Moderator/Translator (FI) [RETIRED]

Nico (1987) develops algorithms for solving various practical scheduling problems for a living. His casual hobbies include running and gymming, but mostly his free time activities consist of watching various TV shows and reading fantasy books. His only passion in life is Indica, which he takes way too seriously. He mostly listens to Finnish pop/rock, such as Irina, Uniklubi and Haloo Helsinki. He prefers to see Indica at tiny, obscure gig sites in remote locations with no age limits because they are usually free of drunken people and provide a unique atmosphere.


Agnes: Moderator/Translator (FI)

Agnes was born in 1989 and lives in Espoo, Finland. She is studying to become a nurse but doesn't really know what the future holds. She listens to all kinds of music, mostly Finnish pop, rock and metal. She has been Indica fan since 2004 when she first saw their gig and fell in love instantly. Her hobbies includes watching movies & TV, reading books, going to pubs, seeing gigs, enjoying the nature and she loves to learn something new constantly.


ilanavs: Moderator (PT)

ilanavs is the leader if Indica Brazil and moderates the Portuguese forum.


Lasienkeli: Moderator (ES)

Lasienkeli is the leader of Indica Argentina and co-moderates the Spanish Forum.


kerosene: Moderator (ES)

kerosense is a leading member of Indica Mexico and co-moderates the Spanish Forum.



Special thanks to Niko, who also helps with many translations. Also, to anyone else we forgot.