A Way Away

A Way Away is the fifth studio album by Indica and the first in English. It doesn't feature any new material, but consists of new versions of songs from the previous albums. Jonsu rewrote the lyrics of those songs in English with help from Canadian screenwriter and poet Rory Winston. The only exception being the lyrics of Precious Dark which were written by Nightwish mastermind Tuomas Holopainen. The band also reworked the music of every song with support from Tuomas Holopainen and British arranger Pip Williams.


After Indica accompanied Nightwish during their Scandinavia Tour 2007 as a warm-up band, their popularity outside of Finland rose. Many people from abroad started to become interested in the themes and lyrics of Indica’s songs. The band felt it was the right time to expand their international popularity by recording an album with English lyrics. Jonsu got the help of Canadian poet and screenwriter Rory Winston, and together they rewrote the stories of the songs in English instead of simply translating the original ones. Indica paid for the production of A Way Away out of pocket to avoid being put under pressure by a record label. They wanted to take the time to make the album as perfect as possible, and did not bother spending all their money on it. After one and a half years, the work on A Way Away was complete. Then, Indica started negotiating with several record labels. They finally decided on Nuclear Blast, a German indie label which is mainly known for metal releases. Jonsu said this about Nuclear Blast in an interview:

"We chatted to a few interesting ones, but we felt that Nuclear Blast showed the strongest passion and had the greatest belief in the album. When we met the guys I also thought we were sharing the same ideas. To me I feel that label is a dream label because they are a big independent label who can do anything they want and also I feel they are working for music and not for money."
Jonsu in an Interview with maytherockbewithyou.com, August 2010

Tuomas Holopainen produced the album and rearranged the songs together with Indica and British arranger Pip Williams, revealing some new ideas to the band in the process. In an Interview Jonsu said Tuomas virtually became the sixth band member during the production. She described the creation of the album as difficult because the band members had problems settling for the songs that should be rerecorded for A Way Away. Another difficulty was the translating process which was long-winded and frustrating for both her and Rory Winston since she had to explain all of the hidden meanings and puns of the original lyrics to him in English.

The choir and symphony-orchestra were recorded inside the Lyndhurst Hall of the London Air-Studios. The children’s choir from “Children Of Frost” was recorded at the Hamburg Boogie Park Studios. In an interview Jonsu said this about the orchestra recordings:

"I will never forget about the moment when the orchestra inside the London Air Studios played that song (Islands Of Light).The studios are built into an old church and we were sitting up high on a gallery and listened to the unbelievable sound. It was an incredibly mystical, almost spiritual feeling. One of us even started crying"


  • 01. Islands Of Light (Vuorien Taa) -03:02
  • 02. Precious Dark (Pidä Kädestä) -03:50
  • 03. Children Of Frost (Hiljainen Maa) -05:21
  • 04. Lilja's Lament (Rannalla) -05:55
  • 05. In Passing (Valoissa) -03:44
  • 06. Scissor, Paper, Rock (Ikuinen Virta) -04:29
  • 07. A Way Away (Nukkuu Kedolla) -05:05
  • 08. As If (Elä) -03:28
  • 09. Straight And Arrow (Pahinta Tänään) -03:31
  • 10. Eerie Eden (Vettä Vasten) -08:01

Bonus Tracks

  • Nursery Crimes (Noita) (CD + DVD Edition, Limited Edition, Diary Edition, Suitcase Edition)
  • Outside In (Ulkona) (2 LP Edition) -03:50


The songs In Passing, Islands Of Light and Precious Dark were released as singles.


Standard edition
CD + DVD edition: comes with a DVD that features bonus material. (e.g. the music videos)
Limited edition: Digipack edition, same content as CD + DVD edition.
2 LP edition: The album on two LPs.
Diary edition: comes with a book and a Rebella Pen.
Suitcase edition: "Indica suitcase" which contains the limited edition, a lanyard, photocards, an eyeliner pencil and a book. Limited to 1000 pieces.


Peak position FI: 8 (one week)
Peak position GER: 20 (one week)
Peak position CH: 32 (one week)
Peak position AT: 52 (one week)

Album Credits

Production: Tuomas Holopainen, Roland Spremberg, Indica
Orchestral arrangements: Pip Williams
Arrangements: Indica, Tuomas Holopainen, Pip Williams
Music: Jonsu
Lyrics: Jonsu, Rory Winston, Tuomas Holopainen
Cover Artwork: Stefan Heilemann
Studios: Petrax Studios (Finnland), E-Major (Finnland), Air Studios (GB), Boogie Park Studio (Germany)