Ikuinen virta

Ikuinen Virta (Album)

Ikuinen Virta is Indica's first studio album. It was released on August 16, 2004 and has since been certified platinum. The CD stayed inside the Finnish Top 50 for 29 weeks and peaked at number 4, where it stayed for one week. The original release of Ikuinen Virta contained an internet link leading to bonus material including the unreleased songs Odotan, Unten Maa as well as the Scarlett video clip and some pictures of the band. Ikuinen Virta was re-released in May 2010, bundled with the 3rd album Kadonnut Puutarha. The cover photography shows the band members standing inside the ruins of the Pirita Convent in Talinn, Estonia.

A Way Away

Two songs from Ikuinen Virta were re-recorded for the A Way Away album: Ikuinen Virta and Vettä Vasten.


  • 01. Saalistaja - "Predator" -03:29
  • 02. Scarlett - "Scarlett" -03:58
  • 03. Ikuinen Virta - (Scissor, Paper, Rock) -04:15
  • 04. Valehtelen - "I Lie" -04:07
  • 05. Surusilmä - "Sad Eyes" -04:43
  • 06. Lasienkeli - "Glas Angel" -02:58
  • 07. Onnen Kartano - "Estate Of Happiness" -04:04
  • 08. Ihmisen Lento - "Human Flight" -03:31
  • 09. Lauluja Paratiisista - "Songs From Paradise" -03:10
  • 10. Aaltojen Takaa - "From Beyond The Waves" -04:19
  • 11. Vettä Vasten - (Eerie Eden) -06:18

Bonus Tracks

  • Odotan - "I Wait"
  • Unten Maa - "Land Of Dreams"


The songs Ikuinen Virta, Scarlett and Vettä Vasten were released as singles. Ihmisen Lento was released as a promo single.

Album Credits

Production: Erno Laitinen, Gabi Hakanen, Indica
Arrangement: Erno Laitinen, Gabi Hakanen, Indica
Music: Jonsu
Lyrics: Jonsu
Cover-Artwork: Tuomas Tikka