Anne-Mari Pahkala - Designer

If anyone knows how to dress up Indica with special clothes and designs that suite the mystical and magical music of the Band, it's Anne-Mari Pahkala. Every Indica Fan remembers Jonsu and the the Girls dresses due to there fantastic looks, so it is time for Anne-Mari to step into the spotlight and tell us more about here amazing work.

The Interview For those amongst the Readers that may not know you, would you like to introduce yourself and you work for us?

Anne-Mari: Hi everyone! I am Anne-Mari Pahkala, Designer, Bachelor Of Culture and Arts. I am working by my own company Illusion Costumes ( by Costume designing, making bespoke tailoring evening dresses and also working as freelance designer for Finnish TV 2. I have done projects with Indica since 2007. How did you become involved with Indica and designing their costumes?

Anne-Mari:I made my first costume project for Indica in the year 2007. It was also a thesis for my studies at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. I contacted various bands that were interesting to me and whose style I would like to begin developing. Indica responded to my request and together we planned their costumes for the Elämä Lapselle concert, which was held at the Helsinki Hartwall Arena in 2007. How did you get the inspiration for the designs you made?

Anne-Mari:Arts and music are very close to my heart and they have always been. In my work I am inspired by contrasts, femininity, fantasy worlds, dreamlike aspects and in some ways mystical, as well as melancholic things. When it comes to clients, their own visual or musical world is of course the starting point for every design. With Indica, the starting point is the style of their new album, the lyrics and what kind of a world we want to create with them together with the designs. When I start the designing process I listen to Jonsu's lyrics for weeks. I also listen to the melodies, draw and design. After that I reveal my ideas to the band and we start to perceive the whole. What is your personal opinion on Indica's music and do you have a favorite song?

Anne-Mari:Well I love fantasy movies, mystical historical things, and I think I am the lucky one to work with this visual band, I think Jonsu is beautiful unique genius. Oh, there's so many! but I just do love Lilja's Lament from album A way way, although I think I do like the most sad ones. Regarding Jonsu's costume for the "In passing" video, where did you find the inspiration for this remarkable design and did Jonsu herself add some ideas?

Anne-Mari: I think Jonsu's In Passing video style got started from the Indica's promotional shoots 2010 with Heile Mania, I was the stylist there and we just mixed the clothes and checked which are the most best. Some costumes, corsets and crinoline were made before. Jonsu of course got her own ideas too, and then I just help her with them. Are there any designs you made for Indica that didn't make it into "production" and would you like to show/share some sketches with us and our readers?

Anne-Mari: Well, interesting question! I think there are a few costumes I've done, which are not in any production, but maybe later During the projects I also make many designs that are never used as such, but they still help to get the best possible outcome. For example, a 2008 promotional costume sketch for Jenny was later used as a starting point for designing the final version. What is you personal, favorite costume you created? (Would you show us?)

Anne-Mari:When designing I always keep in mind the artist's persona and the purpose of the costume. I make every costume completely from the heart. I can't pinpoint any specific dress, but as a whole maybe the Pahinta tänään music video is my favourite. I designed and made all costumes worn by the band in that video. I also worked as the costume designer for the video, designing the costumes for the extras appearing on it.

(See picture) Which other bands did you work for, if you like to name some?

Anne-Mari:I have collaborate with British band IAMX and Finnish progressive rock band Tuvalu. I have one Imogen Heap&IAMX music video project the same collaborate with Karl Lagerfeld, bands lead singer Chris Corner is wearing my Rose -headpiece in that video:

I also have worked with Finnish Eurovision 2010 competitor Bääbs; here is Bääbs Eurovision music video with my costume designing: Were there any funny circumstances regarding your work for the band?

Anne-Mari:It's always fun and a pure joy to work with the girls! Funny situations occur when projects are made with a busy schedule and the clothes are being transported all over the world. The clothes are always finished just in the nick of time and are being fixed and stitched at the last minute before the shoot, but that's how designing costumes for a band is! When designing for music videos you have to be ready for anything unexpected. In the Pahinta tänään- video, there were tens of very valuable historical costumes that I had rented, and the extras were wandering around the dark forest dressed in them all night. I was pretty anxious about how the costumes would look like when the sun comes up again.. How many costumes did you create for the band since your collaboration?

Anne-Mari:Oh I can't remember. Last five years included many different projects and individual clothes!! Like we usually do, the last question is: What would you like to say to all our readers?

Anne-Mari:Thank you all for your interest in my work, it was a pleasure answering your questions! I wish you lots of ambiance and mystique for the spring!

Kisses! Anne-Mari Pahkala Thank you for this amazing interview, Anne-Mari!

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