Denis Goria - Director

Starting their international Debut with the promo video to the Song "Straight & Arrow", Indica collaborated with Denis Goria to shoot it. had the chance to talk to Denis Goria about the video shoot and what went on behind the scenes! Enjoy!

The Interview Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Denis Goria: Originally formed to video and cinema, I’ve always been obsessed by photography. I’ve started in the business as editor and Director of Photography (DOP) for TV channels and cinema. I’ve started my professional Photographer work 6 years ago. My career as Photographer started to become an international success with the Swedish band “THE HELLACOPTERS” 4 years ago. Since the photography business collapsed with the video, I came back naturally to directing music videos, documentary and EPK (electronic press kit) for record companies. I used to live in Finland, and spend my time between France and Scandinavia, now. My collaboration with the music business have been done with bands such as PAIN, HYPOCRISY, NIGHTWISH, NAKED, Fredrika Stahl, INDICA, TAROT, BABYWOODROSE, Medicine Ball Caravan, Guillaume Grand, AMORPHIS, Scar Symmetry, Silent Lane and many others for Album Photo Shooting, Videos and Teaser TV Advertising. Recently I entered the great family of the Fashion and Modeling photographers. When did you first take notice/see/hear about Indica?

Denis Goria: The first time I’ve met Indica was in London, during NightWish Dark Passion Tour: Deja Vu tour. I was touring with Nightwish, and our managers introduced us mutually. Then the first show I’ve seen from the girls was in London. I was really impressed by their performance. Rock, Epic, Glam. All that I like! What was the initial idea that inspired you for the video of Straight & Arrow?

Denis Goria: First, Straight and Arrow is not really a music video. It’s more a promo video. I don’t remember exactly when we talked about doing a video for this song. I just remember I talked with their manager about meeting him in Tokyo, as he was coming with Indica, and I was planning to come also for a Japanese band. Then, 5 days before I went to Tokyo, we all decided to use this opportunity to do the video. Then, I only had 4 days left to think about the synopsis, story, etc.... Then, in Tokyo, I looked for different nice places and started thinking what I should do. I thought about the comedy “Sex and the City” using the town as the main character of the video, then I changed the feeling to make “Girls in the city”. No really the main idea, just the concept - the girls are lost in the big city, and filming it with romantic and fairy feelings. Do you personally like Indicas music and if so, is there a favorite Song?

Denis Goria: It’s really hard to say, I prefer old school band such LED ZEP, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Creedence Clearwater revival, but to be honest, hearing INDICA is always a great pleasure for my hears, and for my Eyes..... Heini is playing bass with an old school punk attitude ! And her bass line riffs have this exceptional skill!! Rock Heini!! What made you choose Tokyo as location for the Video?

Denis Goria: Like I said, Tokyo was just an easy opportunity, so not really a choice. Was there any funny circumstances/happenings during the shot you´d like to share with us?

Denis Goria: The shooting was totally chaos... for I became a part in the project very late, no real ideas, no concept, tiny budget, no staff, small equipment. I had to adapt myself to the situation. The backliner kept all the instruments, only the guitar and the bass was available at this time. That’s why we don’t see Sirkku, Laura and Jonsu with their instruments !! It was very boring for me to not show all the girls playing together and really hard to find a way to show some action in the video. For the Street shooting, I only had 2 hours to make it !! You can easily understand why the concept is a bit poor. Also, to make the sequence when Jonsu is in the taxi, I've spend one hour to find a taxi driver who'd let us use his taxi !! Also, the rain started falling on us when the band was singing and walking on the street !! That’s why you can see people running in the video ! Looks weird !! Then for the shooting in the hotel corridor (our hotel) it took 2 hours more to do, as the girls started to go completely crazy and it was more interesting to have fun and joke with me than doing this sequence. All the girls have to be alone, walking in the corridor and then, with a motion tracking process, they are all together with a ghostly atmosphere. We have a lot of funny footage from this time, which I will keep only for me ! The girls were laughing so much; a client from the hotel came to us with few Japanese insults, for we were very noisy !! Then, few lights from the corridor broke down during the sequence, and I had to spend days to correct the lights between every solo girl footage to make the perfect illusion. The subway sequence was more and more chaos, looks like i was really unlucky !! The cops came to me after 1mn shooting and asked me to leave. But I had more footage to do !! Then we left, wait 5mn at a coffee place, and then we came back to same place to continue the shooting. Then, of course, the cops came back again and asked me again to leave. What we did, of course. We left, and came back 10mn later, again to continue... etc... For 1 long hour. But, I think the girls had fun, playing hide and seek with me and the cops !! Like I said, this video was a total chaos. Doing PAIN´s “monkey business” video or Hypocrisy´s “Weed out the Weak” video was much easier. The worst souvenir I had doing a video, was for Scar Symmetry´s '”The iconocalst”. We made the video outdoor in Sweden, at winter time, with a temperature under -35° !! Thrust me !! It was hell on earth. Everything I planned to make it a good video was a total waste of time. Video-gear broke at this temperature, the guys were freezing and we could only shoot 20sec of video, sequence after sequence. I had 120 takes to edit, trying to make the daylight linked to every sequences, as, the daylight was only 3hours per day !! It’s like a normal day of light only on 3 hours. !! HELL !! What is the story behind the video from your point of view?

Denis Goria: The story ?? Which story !! I’m joking ! Well, it’s just few girls lost in the big city, escaping something, or trying to find something. Did the Ladies themselves add ideas to the video and if so which?

Denis Goria: No !! I didn’t let the girls choose !! They are boring and always have bad ideas !! I’m joking, private joke to Jonsu about something she said on me in a French interview. They were really sweet and kind with me, and let me do everything I wanted. Patience was the main word to qualify the girls. You know, they are professionals, and they always thrust and follow the people they are working with. Working with Indica is always a great pleasure. I really love them. I hope they will get the international success they should have ! What is your personal opinion on the video as well as the song - straight&arrow?

Denis Goria: Well, regarding the chaos process to make it, it’s not so bad, and I really want to say thank you to Oscari (their live sound engineer) for helping me. The song is very catchy, I like it ! What would you like to say to all Indica Fans in the world?

Denis Goria: I hope you will forgive me for this crappy video !! hahaha, I’m joking. I just wanna say thanks to all the fans that are following Indica in this international experience. I’ve met many fans in the world, and every time, you bring such a great feeling and happiness during the gig. Oops, one thing who is important to me: Please, if you like Indica, don’t download the music illegally. It’s really bad to the music business, and every time you download a song illegally, it’s like stealing Indica. And the more you steal from Indica, the less they will have as budget to make the next great album. !! And what I said about it is the same for other bands you like. This is really important to understand that music on the web is not free. Think about the huge amount of money to make and promote one album !! Indica loves you; show them you love them, too !! Respect the creation, respect ART ! Viva Indica Fans !!

Denis Goria

Interview done by ©, November 2010