Fan Interview 2012

In July 2010, the first ever Fan Interview was launched, thereby giving all fans of the band the chance to present their questions to the ladies.







The Q & A

Susanna (Fi):

Q: Who designs your stage clothes?

A: HEINI – At the moment we're not using any one specific designer but try to keep our eyes open for interesting things, and combine different clothes and costumes. (As you can see from the pictures) We're all quite stubborn about what we'll wear which is why it’s hard to find just one designer. It would be a dream come true if one could be found, good hints are welcome! 

MioMaple (Fi):

Q: Does Jonsu have a driver's license, and if so does she own a car, and if so then what make is it?

A: JONSU – Yes. I try to use public transport as much as possible, but since I moved to the “countryside” from Helsinki, I had to get a car. It's some old Opel which I got from a friend. I'm not a car person and I've never spent a lot of money on one. If I get a new car, the most important thing is that it doesn't pollute much or use fuel much, goes forwards and backwards, and is able to stop. The rest doesn't matter so much to me. LAURA: Years ago I thought that Jonsu's driving exam inspector must have been blind for letting her have a driving license because Jonsu used to have a very bohemian driving style in the traffic. These days things are quite different and Jonsu is a good and safe driver and, Jonsu’s car is called Tiger, hehe.

Niko (Fi):

Q: When do you plan to start working on new songs?

A: JONSU – I'm composing something every once in a while, but the current plan is to possibly have a couple of months off, when I'll go disappear somewhere to intensively compose and get isolated from everything. HEINI: At the moment we're dreaming to have those few months of holidays for making music on various parts of the world, which hopefully will happen next year. But we've given up on making too precise schedules too far into the future, because A. the schedules never happen as planned anyway B. music is best done depending on your mood and C. too much scheduling kills creativity. But sometimes it’s still good to have some deadlines set so that things don’t go all jazz-ey, which is often the danger for us)

Q: Are you going to continue collaborating with Tuomas, Rory Winston and/or Pip Williams on the next album?

A: JONSU – Everything is open for the next album.

HEINI: We haven't planned that far. Let's first see and get the feeling of what kind of new pieces would be available for the next disc, and only after that go into who we'd like to collaborate with and hope they'll agree. Tumppu, Ronnie and Pip were all incredibly wonderful and talented people and I hope we'll at least some day get the chance to make music together again!

Q: Jonsu, why didn't you play the theremin at the On the Rocks gig 3.6.2010, even though you mentioned it in some interview? A: JONSU – That was a bad promise. Year 2010 has been so busy, that the theremin has just been gathering dust in my room's corner. I thought I'd have a lot more time to play it and plan new things…I hope that time will come soon! The theremin is also quite challenging on small stages, because it reacts to surrounding movement.

Hattivatti (Fi):

Q: Jonsu, you mentioned in some interview that Indica went through a crisis around the time of “Kadonnut puutarha”. Was the band near breaking up or what did you mean? In the same vein, was Tuomas’ involvement a salvation for the band?

A: JONSU – I wouldn't say near breaking up. It was just a somewhat bad vibe and arguments happened easily. I guess stressful situations outside the band also affected things. The band is a 5 person marriage and sometimes there’s a more difficult time. Tuomas fit in our group really well, because everyone liked him a lot and he treated everyone extremely equally. It's better for the band's general feeling to work with people who are either loved by all, or who nobody cares for. If 2 like someone and 3 are not so keen, it creates tension in the group.

Jigsaw (Fi):

Q: Do you plan to make more English translations of older Indica songs to the next album?

A: HEINI – We haven't thought that far yet, but when we'll get the new album's songs together and work on the big picture and if everyone feels that some old song absolutely would fit on the album, then I guess it's not ruled out  But mainly the record will be made of new songs for sure.

arij (Fi):

Q: What were those “organizational reasons” that Leipzig’s gig had to be moved and the venue changed.

A: JONSU – I don’t know.

luki9875 (En):

Q: Since Nuclear Blast is known for Heavy Metal bands how do you girls feel about being in the label?

A: JONSU – Awesome!

Q: Would you rather suddenly change to a HUGE band that sells millions and millions of records or are you happy with the “popularity” that you have right now?

A: JONSU – I'm really happy and thankful for all the fans who have supported the band and taken it this far where we're now. I'm contented with this current moment and place. It's hard to say in advance what 20 million more sold records would really mean. It might make us crazy, stressed, unhappy workaholics, who are afraid of falling from high and who don't trust anyone anymore, or it could give us the freedom to live just as we'd like.

Q: Would you girls ever get separate twitter of Facebook accounts so you could stay a bit “closer” with the fans?

A: JONSU – I guess we should. Facebook already has some Jonsu Salomaa, who is using my name and picture. But it's not me. If we ever create our own Facebook-accounts in the future, then our website will have links to them so that fans can know which ones are real.

Q: What do you girls do after shows? Relax? Party?

A: JONSU – It depends on the gig. LAURA: Very differently according to how we're feeling. It might be that even once someone went for a run afterwards  Often the best thing I think is to just sit still a moment together and go through the past gig and have a few drinks, and then see how the night develops… JENNY: So it really depends, just relaxing a moment backstage with our group, talking about the gig and sometimes some of us continue to see the city's night or morning. Sometimes we just go back to the hotel to sleep or read.

Wishmaster (En):

Q: Where do You see yourself in 20 years?

A: JONSU – I can’t see that far.

Q: Would you live forever? And why Yes or why Not?

A: LAURA – I wouldn't want to live forever, I think that there's a time and place for everyone on this life on Earth.

Q: If offered a 7-day vacation on Mars, would you take it?

A: HEINI – If it includes getting there and back too, DEFINITELY! I love traveling  JENNY: I would, and soon! I’ve always been really interested in space, and I’m always admiring those scenes at planetariums! I can’t comprehend how big and full of mysteries this universe is, but I'd go along without hesitation! But the trip there might be a little long, and seven days seems quite a short time, you know…

Q: What do You think about internet social networks?

A: JONSU – It has its sides, good and bad. The good is that it's a good way to keep in contact with fans and faraway friends, but the bad is that anyone can steal your identity and you can never be 100% certain of who you're really communicating with. It can also easily take up too much time and people live more virtual lives instead of real lives. Moderation in everything.

DUD Rock (En):

Q: I've been trying to learn Finnish. What would you say is the most useful phrase I can learn?

A: JONSU – Minä rakastan sinua. Probably everybody will love you back.

liimatainen92 (En):

Q: To Jenny: Apart from Indica's stuff, what styles and music do you enjoy playing?

A: JENNY – Earlier I had time to play classical stuff at home, and I still enjoy trying out all songs I've heard around me. I also like to play our very early songs  They're so much fun and bring back good times 

MsPessimistRosarwen (En):

Q: Have you girls ever consider to have a tour outside of Europe?

A: JONSU – It's possible.

Lilja Escapist (En):

Q: Which of the places on this earth you've seen so far was most impressive to you?

A: JENNY – There's so many of them! I'm a real admirer for nature, and I'm always taking a lot of pictures during our trips, especially on morning runs you can see so much more of the places than during the rest of the day together:) I've always been a sea person, and sunset on a still sea is maybe the best ever. In Helsinki of course!!! And there's been wonderful places abroad too, sunrise on Cloaca Maxima in Rome, or a sunny afternoon in the Swiss mountains, lovely! Once there was a wonderful mist in Germany when we rose up early in the morning to fly over mountains. And when there’s a big thunderstorm coming, the sky looks magnificent!

Laris (En):

Q: Would you rather download music or buy?

A: JONSU – Buy.

Q: To Sirkku: What kind of keyboard do you have and do you use the same on tour and...

A: SIRKKU – Nord Electro 2 and Yamaha XS 7, will probably have the same instruments with me on tour.

Q: To Sirkku: Why is the piano version in scissor paper rock different than the one in Ikuinen Virta?

A: SIRKKU – Because Ikuinen Virta was made some 6 years ago it was nice to put something new in it. The new version has more things for me to play and now I actually don't have time to have a drink during it, as I used to when performing the original.

zthalis (En):

Q: If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

A: JONSU – A bird. I love the feeling of flying.

Q: To Laura: I got the impression that you are the one (from the girls) with most rock/metal attitude, feeling. It’s true? :)

A: LAURA – This is most probably so.

Taikata (En):

Q: Is there any chance of getting that green ‘girle’ strappy T-shirt with the old Indica logo on it which was sold around the tuuliset tienoot period? =S or well, any old merchandise for that matter?

A: JONSU – We're going to take with us all the possible merchandise, that we have and that can fit in the bus. I don’t know but hopefully it will include what you seek.

Heini.Montana (En):

Q: Are you good friends, and do you feel like a family?

A: JONSU – Yes.

Arieve (De):

Q: Did you plan to write your lyrics in both English and Finnish for the future or stick to English for upcoming albums?

A: JONSU – I have no ideas about the future.

Coldman (De):

Q: What other languages do you speak except Finnish and English?

A: JONSU – French and Swedish badly.

Indica11 (De):

Q: How much does the band mean to you?

A: JONSU – It's my second family, and a way of living.

Tigerle (De):

Q: To Jenny: According to the small introduction video on your homepage, you seem to speak German pretty well. How come?

A: JENNY – I've been studying German as my first foreign language, and I've always been interested in languages. At the moment I'm studying German in the university.

Tai (De):

Q: Indica, do you like fan art? If so, just how much? Are you really keen on getting it, or does it not interest you much, but is still flattering to receive?

A: JONSU – We love it. We've gotten some very good works and most of those are on the wall of our rehearsing space. Thanks a lot!

Q: To Laura, as she's the one who seems to remember everything, Do you remember when you visited London to play before Nightwish and Pain, receiving a little drawing of the band afterwards? Did you ever visit that link on the paper and where is it now?

A: LAURA – I vaguely remember what you're talking about, and I'd guess that the paper is now somewhere in our rehearsal room.

Q: To Jonsu: About the European tour 2009, who created the hat you wore in Paris?

A: JONSU – Anne-Mari Pahkala

Editor’s note: see

From Lachévre (Fr):

Q: How do your family and friends manage your success?

A: JONSU – They have always been really supportive.

Q: Do you have any mail address to send you some gift?

Editor’s note: it’s possible to send letters and very small items via Nuclear Blast.

Nuclear Blast Promotion (Indica) Öschstraße 40 73072 Donzdorf Germany

From Sébastien (Fr):

Q: Who composed the intro you used on 2009? Will you change it for the next tour?

A: LAURA – The intro is from Tuomas Holopainen's hand and he very graciously made it just for us. As for the coming tour’s intro, can’t say anything yet 

Q: To Laura: Did Jonsu try to take her revenge after the swimming you imposed to her in Valoissa clip’s filming?

A: LAURA – I don’t think Jonsu will dare to try, because she already knows herself how it will end up 

Q: What are the group you listening to the most? What the last cd you bought?

A: LAURA – It varies a lot. I can’t even name the band which gets most played in my CD player. Last summer I listened to a lot of Finnish bands, and I guess the latest album I bought was the compilation from Don Huonot, one of my favourite bands who had a great comeback gig last summer at Ankkarock.

Q: To Sirkku: What is the favorite page from your favorite book (compared to your presentation on official website)

A: SIRKKU – Naturally having tried everything I must say that it's just too hard to choose which one would be the very best.

From Sellen (Fr):

Q: To Jonsu: You said in an interview you play theremin, do you plan to play it live?

Editor’s note: the theremin has been seen on stage already once in Helsinki, and see above for another answer about the theremin.

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