Heilemania - Photographer

Stefan Heilemann, aka HEILEMANIA is the man behind the camera of the A WAY AWAY Albumcover. Easy to figure, we took our chance to ask some questions from him.

The Interview

Indica-fans.net: Would you like to tell our readers something about you?

Heilemania: I am Heile, a freelance photographer from Stuttgart. I tend to do some Cover-Artworks and promo pictures for several Bands and a lot of photographs on my own.

Indica-fans.net: How did you get involved with INDICA?

Heilemania:I got the contact via their label, Nuclear Blast. I used to work with the guys from Donzdorf quite often lately and it was always a fun thing to do, so they asked me to do the artwork for Indica. And yeah, sure!!

Indica-fans.net: How did you come up with the idea for the cover and the pictures for the A WAY AWAY Album?

Heilemania: I searched for simple elements that suited the title, doors, keys and suitcases seemed perfect for that and were easy to add to the pictures. The band was supposed to be on the cover so we took the theme to the rest of the artwork and promo pictures and played around with it.

Indica-fans.net: Did you know Indica before you worked with them?

Heilemania: No, I didn't know them since then.

Indica-fans.net: Did Indica pitch ideas for the cover and the pictures themselves?

Heilemania: We had a conference call just before we started, with the lable and the band and discussed everything. Indica had their Stylist come along to the shoot who brought some props. That was great. The 5 young Ladies are professionals in front of the camera.

Indica-fans.net: Do you personally like Indica's music and if so, is there a favorite song?

Heilemania: I saw the Ladies live just recently, a real good concert. Indica own an amazing stage presence and are musicians by their hearts. My favorite song, even though it didn't make it to the album, is Nursery Crimes.

Indica-fans.net: Will there by more "Indica vs. Heilemania" in the future?

Heilemania: I figure there's a good chance for it. Yet it won't be "vs." , but like the last time, as a good team

Indica-fans.net: Would you like to say something to the readers and fans?

Heilemania: I must recommend to enjoy Indica live at least once! And if you liked the Artwork from the A WAY AWAY Album, check out the other stuff I did on my website: http://www.heilemania.de .

Indica-fans.net: You bet we'll do! Thank you very much for the interview!

Interview done by © Indica-Fans.net, 2010