Jesse Hietanen - Director Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Jesse:I am a film director from Finland, born 1981. I studied in London University of Arts and graduated 2005. Since, I worked for a couple of companies in Finland until I built my own company Ambience Studios in 2008. I'm also a songwriter and singer and have a band called Vox Populis, together with Jonsu from Indica. We are currently working on the debut album. When did you first take notice /see / hear about Indica?

Jesse:I saw them in the Ikuinen Virta record release party in Semifinal for the first time. I met the girls after the gig. What was the initial idea that inspired you for the videos?

Jesse:The girls had a very strong image already from day 1 and my job was basically to add interesting aspects to the videos that don't take away the illusion that the girls had made on me the first time we met. I also liked to add some madness and contrast to the forest faires. It is always nice to direct videos for a band that is so visual and good in front of the camera, so it was not hard to get inspired. The ideas just kept flooding in my brain. Do you personally like Indicas music and if so, is there a favorite Song?

Jesse:Yes, I like there music much. I think Jonsu is exceptionally talented in writing slow songs. My two favorites are Eerie Eden and Viimeinen tanssi. Helmet is also very good. From the fast ones I prefer As If. Some of the other faster songs are a little bit too poppy for my taste, but they are all good. Was there any funny circumstances/happenings during the shots you'd like to share with us?

Jesse:I was on the first video Ikuinen Virta as an actor and got to kiss Jonsu in the video. I didn't direct that one or write the script, but I guess I should thank Kusti Manninen for writing me the part of the escaping lover. Thanks Kusti, not that many guys get to kiss Jonsu. What are the stories behind the videos from your point of view?

Jesse:I'll make it short, because there are so many videos. I don't like to describe everything word by word, but I'll tell you something.

1. Linnansa Vanki- The girls are sirens that seduce the man inside the mirror. The lyrics are about a prisoner and there is a lot of symbolism in this story. I don't want to ruin it all, so I'm not gonna tell you more.

2. Pahinta Tänään- This one is just mainly visuals and atmosphere. I tried to capture the feeling of the orgy in Eyes wide shot and put it in a forest. At this point I thought the band could be a little bit more dangerous and the song is also quite aggressive.

3. Valoissa- To me this song is about enjoying every second that is left in our lives and that they are all as valuable. I tried to capture a very warm and loving atmosphere. I decided to use a 60's super 8 camera to get the rich over flooding colors. It is also shot hand held to give the impression that someone in the party is shooting it. This one is my own personal favorite.

4. 10 tuntia myöhässä- The song is about always being late from everywhere. I tried to make that feeling stronger by making the girls run in slow motion and everything else around them move fast forward. The record company forced me to make the video in ten days from scratch and I'm not happy with the result. I had to work 73 h at one go to get it finished in time, so it's better to forget about this one.

5. Valokeilojen Vampyyri- In this one the girls wanted a funny story where they can act. It was done with a pretty low budget, but this one was fun to shoot. It was a long day, but the girls got there story. The song is about youth and living on the edge, so the girls are acting the parts of a beginning band who don't really have money or fans, but they don't care. They are living the rock n' roll dream and they are big in there own minds.

6. In passing- I'm not sure if you have seen this one. I think it has not been released. The lyrics are about two sisters. The older one has died and is singing from beyond to give courage for the little one. She's almost like her angel or a good ghost. In this video Jonsu is the big sister, and the video starts with a photo of Jonsu as a kid holding the imaginative sister in her hands, and both of them having a half of a twin peaks heart around there necks. The little sister is playing games and Jonsu appears as a ghost that is playing with her. The little sister falls asleep with the half of the heart in her hand and travels to the land of dreams. It is a little bit like Alice in the wonderland with the trees chasing the girl etc. Finally the little sister escapes to the lake where her sister drowned. When she kneels down to look in the water she sees her big sisters reflection in the water. They have become one in the dream and when the little sister wakes up her twin peaks heart isn't just a half anymore. The whole heart is in her hand.

(Watch the video: ) Did the Ladies themselves add ideas to the videos and if so which?

Jesse:In valoissa Jonsu had some great improvising that wasn't written in the script. Also the girls gave their ideas for Valokeilojen Vampyyrit and I wrote the story around it. How long did the shoots take?

Jesse:Usually all music videos are shot in a day or two. The budgets don't usually allow any more shooting days. The whole process, from writing a script to the finished product usually takes about a month. What is your personal opinion on the videos as well as the songs?

Jesse: Valoissa is my favorite video and I also think it's possibly the best song. Well, maybe In Passing is better, but it's basically the same song. You mentioned that you´ve got a Band together with Jonsu. Would you tell us more about "Vox Populis"?

Jesse: We have just started recording and its a long process. I would say that the music is cinematic indie pop, with a lot of organic instruments and the album is planned to be the soundtrack for a new film that I'm directing. We don't want to tell more at this point, but you will be the first to know when there is more info. How would you describe your work/time you've spend with the Ladies?

Jesse:It's been fun and I hope that we make more videos together in the future. The girls have made the last three videos with someone else, so I guess you fans have to turn their heads around to see another Indica - Jesse production. What do the Ladies like to do during breaks or while waiting for the next take?

Jesse:I don't know because I was always shooting one of them. What would you like to say to all Indica Fans in the world?

Jesse:I am one of the fans and I consider us lucky to have found such a great band.

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