Jonsu 2011 Since this tour could be considered your "first big tour" through Europe, did you feel excited or experience more stage fright than before?

Jonsu: I´m always a little bit nervous before the shows but after the first song I feel much more relaxed and it always helps and makes me happy when I see familiar faces and fans in the audience. When I start singing, I forget myself and drown into the music. What was it like to spend most of your spare time on the tour bus or Hotel? Did you feel homesick every now and then?

Jonsu: It was a lot of fun. For sure I miss my family and friends sometimes on the road but I have my other family with me, the band, crew and the fans so I don´t feel so much homesickness. Which show was the most fun, if you like to pinpoint a special gig, that is?

Jonsu: Impossible to say. We loved all of them. We bet all Fans wish to know. Can your Violin be repaired ? (Editor´s note: You didn't know? Jonsu's Violin got broken on the Stuttgart Gig in 2010)

Jonsu: Yes. It was in the violin hospital for 3 months but now it is fixed and I try to get it home next week. How did you discover your talent as a singer or did you take lessons?

Jonsu: I started as a choir girl, I love choirs. I always felt more like a composer than a singer but I took some lessons and got used to the idea of being a singer. How did you decide, which song would be translated for the English Album?

Jonsu: We decided it together with the band and Tuomas. We picked our favourite ones and chose the ones that fit into the album. Would you share some insight into how you compose a song or how an Indica song is born?

Jonsu: It depends on the album. Sometimes I create a theme of the album first, sometimes I just compose the songs that sound best for me. This time,with a new album that I´m composing at the moment, it all started from a dream. I saw a dream of a hedgehog,12 hungry children and a giant blonde lady and the giant blonde lady was singing a really beautiful melody which touched me very much. When I woke up I remembered everything she sang, even the lyrics and I wrote it down. I guess it will be the first single. If you weren't musicians, what kind of career would you have chosen?

Jonsu: I would love to do nature documents or would like to be a magician or a writer. Is there already more to tell about the project you and Jesse share? Speaking Vox Populis?

Jonsu: Not yet. How would you describe your view on the Tour through Germany?

Jonsu: I think Germany is a really interesting country with so many beautiful and different type of cities. While being in Germany we spent most time in Hamburg, Berlin and of course in our record label´s home, Donzdorf so those places we know the best and we have also friends living there. This time we had a couple of days off in Munich so we traveled to Schwangau to Neuschwanstein and stayed in a cute hotel over night.It was a wonderful place! We also went to a nice spa but we were a little bit surprised when suddenly at 7 o´clock everybody got naked. I don´t know if it´s a normal habit in Germany? Thank you very much for your time for this interview, Jonsu.

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