Jenny & Sirkku 2011 Jenny, what is the story behind you becoming a guitarist?

Jenny: I started playing guitar at the Music Institute of Helsinki when I was 7 years old. Before that I had played the traditional Finnish kantele, and I kind of liked the sound of string instruments. I used to joke, that a guitar was also easier to carry around than a piano:) Your Gibson Custom ES-339, would you share with us what kind of custom features it holds? And maybe even what strings and plectrums you use?

Jenny: I fell in love with that guitar a little bit after our band was started. I saw it on a window of a music shop, and instantly knew, I had to get it. Before that I had played with Telecasters and one old heavy Jackson guitar. The string set I love is either number 11 or one with heavy bottom. Picks I usually choose by lovely colors and pictures. They have to feel good in hand though. What made you study German in the first place and did it help you on your tour in Germany?

Jenny: I had a cousin who started German a little bit before me, and I thought it was really cool. So I applied to one school where it was possible to learn more languages. During many summer courses in Salzburg I learned to like the language and the different cultures of German speaking countries. I´m still at the university doing German studies. Sirkku, Would you tell us more on how you became a pianist/clarinetist?

Sirkku: I started playing piano when I was 6 years old. My mum took me and my sister to the piano lessons and the first year we shared the lessons with my twin sister. Later I continued at Espoo Music Institute with my lovely teachers Kristina Söderblom and Kata Nummi. I wanted to play other instruments among piano but I only got to choose one, so I chose clarinet because I loved Sergei Prokofjev´s composition Peter and the Wolf and especially The Cat, that was played by the clarinet. In an interview Jonsu mentioned that she attended one of your classical concerts before you joined Indica. Did you give classical concerts on a regular basis back then, and what pieces did you usually play?

Sirkku: Back then I used to participate some piano contests and master courses of multiple piano teachers in Finland and abroad and I rehearsed for them by giving classical concerts. My favorite pieces where f.e Chopin´s Piano Concerto No.2 in F minor and Mozart´s Piano Concerto No.21. And I also liked the solo piano works of Schubert, especially the Impromptus. And I still love those. Do you program your own synths or do you use those that come with the “Motif” Keyboard?

Sirkku: With Motif I use those that come with it, I use a lot of the piano and orchestral sounds. What kind of Clarinet do you have?

Sirkku: Now I have four clarinets, 3 of them are Buffets (two Bb clarinets and one A clarinet) and one is a Yamaha Bb clarinet. I started with that Yamaha 15 years ago, I don´t use it anymore but it has lots of sentimental value for me. Thank you very much, Jenny and Sirkku for taking your time for us.

Interview ©, 2011