Kristina Soderblom - EMO Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Mrs. Söderblom: My name is Kristina Söderblom. I am a pianist and I have been teaching classical piano playing in Espoon musiikkiopisto (EMO) since 1989. Next to music and teaching, what are your hobbies?

Mrs. Söderblom: I like reading a lot. I also enjoy cooking and outdoor life. How would you describe Sirkku back when she studied at EMO?

Mrs. Söderblom: Sirkku started studying with me when she was 9 years old. She was a cute little girl although a little shy. She was a bright and motivated pupil from the very beginning and she developed quickly into a skilful piano player. I always found her very sensitive. Did you - back then - think that you´d be seeing Sirkku on the big stage?

Mrs. Söderblom: No. But I knew she was gifted in many ways, so it didn´t surprise me to hear of her success. What do you personally think of Indicas music?

Mrs. Söderblom: I find both the music and the lyrics suggestive and I like the intense atmosphere in the songs. Have you ever met Sirkku (or the others) since they left EMO?

Mrs. Söderblom: She started studying with Kata Nummi when she was about 15 and I didn´t see so much of her after that. However, she invited me to her graduation party when she left school. How does it feel to know, that some of the most famous Ladies from Finland have studied with you?

Mrs. Söderblom: It is nice to think that Sirkku has been successful. Did Indica effect your life in any way?

Mrs. Söderblom: No. What do you think, made Sirkku (and the other Ladies) such unique artists?

Mrs. Söderblom: Their personality. Did Indica´s success affect the students of EMO?

Mrs. Söderblom: I suppose some of them some of them listen to their music. What advice would you give any student who lacks trust in his/her talent?

Mrs. Söderblom: I would try to encourage them and help them to see their good qualities. Thank you very much for this nice interview.

Interview ©, 2011