Markus Staiger - Label Owner

He´s the "Godfather of Metal", Owner of the World's largest independent Label - Nuclear Blast - and a huge Fan of Indica: Markus Staiger. We are really happy to present this interview to you. Read how the Ladies of INDICA enchanted an Icon of Metal.

The Interview What fascinated you the most and made you decide to sign the Ladies?

Markus: King-Foo, Indica's Management - who also manages Nightwish - handed us the CD of the Ladies. I took care of it all, even the Finnish albums and was thrilled! First, I find the range and the charm of the band great. Also I don´t know any other Band at the moment that write their songs themselves and have such a great talent than these 5 young Ladies. When did you first notice Indica?

Markus: Like I said before. We had the CD on our Desk. Then we saw them perform live and were totally convinced. Which is your personal favorite Song?

Markus: Clearly PRECIOUS DARK, followed by IN PASSING, ISLANDS OF LIGHTS and the wonderful, mysterious ballad EERIE EDEN! Many successful bands are from Finland, which makes the statement "The best music comes from Finland" almost a guarantee for good music is. Do you think the Finnish bands a musical "advantage" or "special talent"?

Markus: Yeah, it´s amazing how many good bands come from Finland. Next to INDCIA there are bands like NIGHTWISH, SONATA ARCTICA, AMORPHIS - all of them special in their way with a mood and mystery in their music, which other bands can hardly recreate. I´m a big fan of those bands myself! Where these special talents and skills for writing such songs come from? I thought about this a lot already, yet never found an answer to it. Many claim that this is related to the "darkness of Finland," but I do not, or does in my opinion, only a small part of it. About the rest we have to speculate on or ask the bands, but even they do not know... (I asked AMORPHIS once, they couldn´t tell) Is there any special Indica-related anecdote which you want to share with us?

Markus: What amazed me during promotion and traveling with Jonsu and Heini was, that many of the journalists, radio or TV people wanted to marry them after a few seconds, already.... so it´s not just the charisma of their music but the charisma and charm of the Ladies. What would you like to tell the Fans?

Markus: I can only say I´m very glad the band found so many loyal fans around the globe. Which I can fully understand for, I´m the biggest Fan of the Ladies... at least amongst the Top 10 of Fans worldwide! Thank you very much, Markus, for this great interview.

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