Markus Mueller - Director Would you like to introduce yourself and your work to our readers?

Martin: My name is Martin Mueller. I´m a director at rcntv, predominantly working in the wide range of rock music. I specialized in live concert recordings and video clip shoots. I´ve been working with artists such as: Unheilig, Schiller, Subway To Sally, Gotthard, U.D.O., Helloween and many more. When did you first notice Indica?

Martin: I had heard of Indica before working with them, since I personally like their music. How did you get to work with Indica?

Martin: I was contacted by their label, asking if I could imagine working with Indica. Sure I could! What was the initial idea for the video of PRECIOUS DARK and the Location you choose?

Martin: After talking to the band it was clear we´d keep the mood to the song somewhat "darker". The direction it self was given by the first lines:
"There’s a place I don’t want you to know of. Hidden deep in a blindfolded heart - Where the desperate walk in silence, Waiting for the ghosts to depart. There’s a game I don’t want you to know of. Masquerade, Cirque du Dècadence. A pawn in an empty chessboard, Moved around by a hand of a fool."
In the beginning of the song, Jonsu´s dancing („Masquerade“) and becomes hurled into another world, a nightmarish world („There’s a place…“), where she meets all kind of different characters („where the desperate walk in silence…“).
In the end, she can escape this world and returns to the point she started. In the clip, we can see Jonsu simultaneously standing on the stairs to the right, and dancing in the middle as well as moving towards the stairs from the left. Here all the different time layers come together, reality and surreality. Where there any special events or funny moments during the shoot?

Martin: When Laura began drumming, we looked at each other, simultaneously picking our earplugs. We definitely didn´t expect such a petite person creating that much sound!
On the other hand, Jonsu couldn´t dance, which made her quite nervous considering the dancing scenes of the clip. And we where, too because should Jonsu not be able to do the dancing, the whole initial opening scene would have to be canceled. But just some 15 minutes later, after working with our Dancer Sven Walker (German Vice Champion in the Standard dances) she moved as gracefully as though she never did anything else.
And: Around midnight, the band had eaten all the potato salad leaving the rest of the crew to dine on the sausages only... Would you consider yourself a Fan of Indica, and if so, is there a favorite song?

Martin: Fan might be a bit too much to call it, but I like their music and I do have the "A way away" album on my iPod. There are about 30 artists on it. Depending on my mood, „Lilja’s Lament“ and „Children of Frost“ are my favorites. Something a lot of fans have been wondering about: What was the reason for Jonsu bursting into laughter at the end of the clip?

Martin: I really liked the previous clips that were done for the album, they were done in a professional way and nice to watch, but I did miss the character of the band as it´s usually shown on the so called "Performance-level" of every clip.
So I encouraged Jonsu and the band more and more on each take, giving my instructions within shorter periods until the whole thing kinda turned into some sort of aerobic lessons. The Girls really gave all they had, getting more and more excited while encouraging themselves even more until it all dissolved into laughter.
We really had lots of fun back then. Do you consider working with Indica in the near future?

Martin: This is nothing I have any effect on and usually the band doesn´t either. This is a decision the label makes. Usually it depends on the budget available. Personally I´d like to work with Indica again, for they are really nice persons and real professionals on the set. Who portrayed the "Dancer" on the clip?

Martin: It was Sven Walker. He´s a multiple Bavarian Champion in the Standard dances and second on the German ranking. He operates 4 Studios around Nuernberg and is a really busy man. None the less he was really patient on the set even though his Role was scheduled for 21:00 but was actually shot at 2:00 in the morning. What would you like to say to the fans?

Martin: I have to admit, I was irritated by the beauty of the band members in the first place. I expected a band, led by some dubious minds working in the background, while the beautiful faces of the Girls were nothing more but a figurehead. But after getting to know them and 22 hours of video shooting, I know: Indica is a real band, real musicians, and a real cool group! Far from all the other casting-clown-girlie-groups. Indica do deserve all the support they can get! Thank you Martin for this great interview.

Interview ©, 2011