Katarnina Summi

Indica-Fans.net: Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Mrs. Summi: I am Sirkku's former piano teacher from Espoo Music Institute. I also work as a researcher at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and my research interest are top performance and creativity in music, other arts and also sports. I have written a doctoral dissertation on a musicians psycho-physiological state in performance. I work as a mental trainer for artists and athletes.

Indica-Fans.net: Next to music and teaching, what are your hobbies?

Mrs. Summi: I love movies, cooking and dress designing.

Indica-Fans.net: How would you describe Sirkku back when she studied at EMO?

Mrs. Summi:Sirkku is extremely intelligent and has great capacity for concentration. She is very advanced in her classical playing and has good performing ability. She has been playing from very early age, which means that her brain is much more developed than it would be without the training. That is a major advantage in life!

Indica-Fans.net: Did you - back then - think that you´d be seeing Sirkku on the big stage?

Mrs. Summi:Definitely I saw that possibility. Or that she would excel as a researcher.

Indica-Fans.net: It is very likley, that you may have also lectured the other Ladies of Indica back then. Do you recall if any other of the members where in your class?
And if so what would you tell us about them?

Mrs. Summi: No, I did not have the privilege to teach others than Sirkku.

Indica-Fans.net:What do you personally think of Indicas music?

Mrs. Summi: I have found it refreshing

Indica-Fans.net: Have you ever met Sirkku (or the others) since they left EMO?

Mrs. Summi: Unfortunately too seldom. I have kept in touch with her mother.

Indica-Fans.net: How does it feel to know, that some of the most famous Ladies from Finland have studied with you?

Mrs. Summi: I am very proud!

Indica-Fans.net: Did Indica effect your life in any way?

Mrs. Summi: Of course in that way, that I know Sirkku has success in her life, which is important for me to know.

Indica-Fans.net: Many famous musicians from Finland have studied at EMO. Were there any other students who now "rock the stages" you´d like to name us?

Mrs. Summi: There is Lenni-Kalle Taipale, a famous pop/jazz pianist and Kerkko Koskinen, founder and composer of Ultra Bra. Then of course Mirja Mäkelä, a very fine vocal jazz artist.

Indica-Fans.net: What do you think, made Sirkku (and the other Ladies) such unique artists?

Mrs. Summi: I think one needs passion and intelligence: Sirkku has both. Good looks are not bad either.

Indica-Fans.net: Did Indica´s success affect the students of EMO?

Mrs. Summi: Of course it helps them to see more possibilities to advance as a musical artist. We have a good study program for pop music..

Indica-Fans.net: What advice would you give any student who lacks trust in his/her talent?

Mrs. Summi: I am a pro in mental training, so I have strategies, but in general: studying classical music gives you the technique and knowledge to proceed in different ways in music. It also teaches you discipline.

Indica-Fans.net: What would you like to say to the fans and readers?

Mrs. Summi: Take care to play or sing yourselves too; making music develops the brain really in amazing ways!

Indica-Fans.net: Thank you very much, Mrs. Summi

Interview © Indica-Fans.net, December 2011