Boss RT-20

General information

The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Santana, Steve Ray, and, of course, Jenny have used the "Rotary Speaker-Sound" on stage and in the studio.
The Roland exclusive COSM-technology reproduces the RT-20 classical rotary sounds with highest accuracy.
It offers adjustable acceleration as well as separate speed controls for horn and bass speaker. It's able to create specific overdrive and pulsating effects. It offers a graphical illustration through its virtual rotary display.

Circuit Points

Both guitars and keyboards can be connected with the RT-20. With a drive switch, the effects can be adjusted for the guitar and the keyboard. It's even possible to connect a separate expression pedal that can be programmed to adjust certain features, such as rotating speed, in real time. Headphones can also be connected for practice.

The COSM-technology

Roland's epoch-making "Composite Object Sound Modeling"(COSM)-technology uses the advantages of a lot of modeling methods and
has the ability to reproduce both existing sounds and to create completely new sounds. The COSM is adjusted for the RT-20 to simulate classical rotary characteristics and sounds beyond that as well.

The virtual rotary display

The rotary display offers the RT-20 the most abnormal optical feature of the twin pedal series. The rotaring lights show not just the rotary characteristics of the RT-20 in real time, but they look even pretty cool too.

The features in one overview

  • Authentic rotary speakers sounds because of the COSM technology.
  • The increase and the break are adjustable with a optional expression pedal. So it's possible to control the speed in real time.
  • Built-in overdrive effects
  • Adjustable balance between high-range and bass rotor.
  • 4 Soundtypes, from standard rotary speaker effects to rock oriented sounds.
  • Guitar and Keyboard switch
  • Virtual rotor display