Dean Markley PT13

Dean Markley PT13- Chromatic Pedal Tuner


Designed with a undestroyable cast metal housing, contains the PT-13:

  • Input
  • Output
  • true Bypass 1/4"
  • 15 Pitch-Indicatore LEDs
  • Pitch and Key Buttons
  • Entry for a 9V power pack

The PT-13 is very easy to operate and sets new standards in chromatic pedal tuning design and function.
For example, while other pedal tuners reach just a accuracy of +/- 3 cents,  the PT-13 chromatic pedal tuner reaches an accuracy of +/- 1 cent.
In contrast with most other tuners, which have an unexciting design, the PT-13, because of his white pearl like metallic-color, has a conspicuous design. The Tuner can be used in range of 27,5hz up to 418hz. The apparatus is also easy to transport and is, in spite as his tough metal housing, realy light.