Fender Quad Reverb Amp









The following features contain the Fender Quad Reverb:

  • 100-watts RMS power with 220-watts peak power for a great performance amplification.
  • 4 specially designed 12" speaker for a strong response.
  • Authentic build-in reverb and vibrato.
  • 2 channels with separate controls and 2 instrument inputs.
  • Master volume control lets you add any desired degree of distortion.

Features of the front panel:

  • 2 channels: Normal and Vibrato.
  • 4 instrument inputs, 2 for each channel.
  • Separate "bright" switch for each channel.
  • Separate Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass control for each channel.
  • Reverb control in the vibrato channel.
  • Vibrato speed and intensity controls.
  • Master volume control.

Features of the back panel:

  • Power on/off and standby on/off switch.
  • Outputs for the speaker.
  • Vibrato and reverb pedal inputs.
  • In and output for the reverb.

Some more features:

  • Heavy duty black vinyl covering.
  • Specially selected acoustic grille cloth.
  • Brushed aluminum control panel.
  • Numerically graduated controls.
  • Space for 10 tubes, optionally, it´s possible to add 6 more tubes.
  • Height:31 1/2", length:26 1/2", width:11 1/2"
  • Weight:89 3/4lbs
  • Power requirements: 117 volts