Korg DT-10


The Korg DT-10 tuner is extremely accurate and very multifunctional. The LED indicators react very quickly, for quick tuning of the instruments. The display has 16 segments for display of the notes, so that the tone is accurate.


The bypass dispenses the input signal trough a buffer amplifier unchanged continuously while the output makes the muting of the signal available. Therefore everyone can tune heir instrument, with or without public output.

Feature Overview

  • Tough construction.
  • LED display with 13 showing points and indication for the names of the notes.
  • 16 segments for the indication of the known note.
  • Supports "flat" tunings (up to 7 halftones lower).
  • Recognition area: E0 (20,60Hz)~C8 (4186Hz)
  • Tone frequency: 438~445HZ
  • 2 output jacks: "True Bypass" and "Tuner Out" (selectable).