Violin Hulinzky 1752

Violin Hulinzky (1752)

Thomas Andreas Hulinzky (1731 - 1788) from Prag, who's name is considered an icon for creating high quality Violins, created the Violin in the Year 1752. This makes the instrument over 250 years old and also equally valuable. The violin itself was forged from various kinds of wood to increase its lifespan. The name Hulinzky is sometimes spelled Hulinsky, as well.


Handling a Violin

The strings are usually tuned G D A E. The instrument is played with a bow. The fretboard itself lacks any frets which makes it extremly hard to hit the exact note. It demands a lot of practice and virtuosity to play this instrument correctly.


The Violin in Indica's music

Jonsu plays the Violin on songs like Island of Lights or the Finnish original Vuorien Taa and many other songs. The sound of Jonsu's playing is a trademark to Indica's music and style and many songs are carried by the violin.