Kumu Drumset

Kumu Drums - Handmade in Finland



About Kumu


Located in Hämeenlinna, Finland, Pekka helanen creates his handmade drum sets on a high level of quality. All sets are handmade, build from selected wood found in Finland, usually birch. These drums are know for their amazing durability and very own sound. Each of the sets are created individually for it's future owner. Amongst many known clients, Laura is but one of many Kumu Drum customers, that won't play anything else.


Laura's Drums

Kumu Handmade in Finland

Laura's basic drum set was colored magic purple sparkle. Built in 2002, Laura is usually seen on stage behind her Kumu drumset, even though she usually combines it with several other brands.


  • 1. Snare: 14"x 6 ", (4 mm + Soul Rings)
  • 2. Snare: 14"x 5 ", (6 mm + Soul Rings)
  • Toms: 10"x 8", 13"x 9", 16"x 13" (4 mm + SoulRings), Classic Wood Hoops
  • Bassdrum: 22"x 16" (6mm + SoulRings)
  • Finish: Magic Purple Sparkle / GlossTone - 2. Snare: Magic Silver Sparkle
  • Material: Finish Birch