Goodbye To Berlin

"Goodbye to Berlin"

After almost 4 years, Andy and Guido have stepped down as the owners and administrators of Indica-Fans. It was time they moved to focus on other things. While they will always be part of the team, they will only have minor roles from now on. Watchlord has taken over as the sole owner and administrator of the entire project, including the forums. Since then, the project has been moved completely to the United States from Germany.


We are working on a lot of new features including opening forums and translating the site into English, German, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, and Polish. appreciates all of its staff, but we can always use more help from you! We are currently looking for dedicated translators. If you think you can help, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


We know you're still waiting on the next album, so speaking of leaving Germany, here's a little sample of the new album rumored to be called "Shine", "Goodbye to Berlin". Be sure to check out the Unofficial Songs page to see the "Missing" and "Mountain Made of Stone" debut from Mexico.