Indica at Petrax

At long last!

On Thursday (January 19th, 2012) the ladies of Indica headed for the studio.
Conquering the legendary Petrax Studio in Hollola, southern Finland, Jonsu and the Ladies began recording the upcoming album. According to an interview we did with Jonsu in December, the new album is to become more intimate and “groovy”.
So, Jonsu began warming up in the pool, while Laura and Heini prepared their instruments.

Time to get excited for what the new material will sound like. As Jonsu told us earlier, at least three of the songs were inspired by her dreams.
The long wait will be worthwhile, when Indica presents the new stuff to the fans in 2012 and finally finishes the follow-up of the A WAY AWAY album. Quote Sirkku via Facebook: “Well, we will share the secrets later,right now we’re having so much fun at Petrax studios,feels like home and we’re gonna have a great new album♥”