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Both of Indica’s new albums will be released on January 24, 2014! Yes, two Indica albums at once!

I’m sure many of you have been wondering why it has taken so long…
     According to the official release article, Jonsu said, “[…]Shine has been one of the most difficult things that we have faced so far on our journey with the girls. After a few nervous break downs the echoes of our screaming producer Roland Spremberg are finally silent and now afterwards we are very thankful that he went through all that trouble with us, because he made us work like slaves and got more out of us that we could have ever hoped for. We experienced moments from growth to times when we thought if there is any point to go on making music at all. The studio sessions in Germany where sometimes over 14 hours at one go[…]”
     Watchlord received this explanation from Markus Wogien of Nuclear Blast: “As you might now, the album will also be released in a finish sung version which is going to be recorded soon and caused the delay.” See below for more information on the Finnish album.
     Telajel wrote to Jonsu, and Jonsu explained that, while the English album has been finished for a long time, delays were caused because no one would sign any contracts with them. Also, the Finnish version will start recording by the end of September and the band will go on tour in the Spring. For more on this, check out Telajel’s Blog.
…With all these factors combined, it’s no wonder the album was delayed for 3 years since its conception in 2011.

About the albums to be released on January 24, 2014…
     The Shine digipack is available for preorder from Nuclear Blast now here. The album is supposed to be quite different from Indica’s “usual”. According to the official release article, the album is “The result is a conjuring essential Symphonic-Pop creation, with sparkling character, beautiful catchy melodies and lots of soul. “Further information can be found in an article from Nuclear Blast’s magazine. Indicana Jones provided a translation and posted it on’s Facebook page.

Here is the track list so far:
01. Mountain Made Of Stone
02. Uncovered
03. A Definite Maybe
04. Goodbye To Berlin
05. Run Run
06. Here And Now
07. Missing
08. Hush Now Baby
09. Behind The Walls
10. A Kid In the playground
11. War Child
12. Humming Bird (digipak Bonus)
13. Lucid (iTunes Bonus)

Indica has already debuted a few of these songs. They can be found on’s Unofficial Songs page. Here are the links directly.
-Goodbye to Berlin Studio Sample
-Goodbye to Berlin Mexico Debut
-Missing Mexico Debut
-Mountains Made of Stone Mexico Debut   

    Sadly, the Finnish album is totally separate from Shine, and will only be released in Finland under a different label. The Finnish album will be titled Akvaario or “Aquarium” in Finnish, according to our translator, Niko. According to Jonsu’s post on her Facebook wall recording should begin at Sonic Pump Studios Oy at the end of September 2013. While the Finnish version will only be released in Finland, Jonsu says anyone can buy the album from Record Shop X.

But wait, there’s more… will be doing an Interview with Indica after the albums’ release. Questions will be selected from submissions by fans. Anyone can ask questions here.

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