Shine is the sixth studio album by Indica and the second in English. It was released along with Akvaario. It has been 4 years since the last Indica album, A Way Away. Shine was actually complete long before its release, but tough contract negotiations created many delays. According to Jonsu, shine "...has been one of the most difficult things that we have faced so far on our journey with the girls." According to the release article from Nuclear Blast, "The result is a conjuring essential Symphonic-Pop creation, with sparkling character, beautiful catchy melodies and lots of soul." The album was released by Nuclear Blast on January 24th, 2014.

„Melancholic Fairy Pop, that touches all senses with witty sex appeal and still knows how to rock. A really versatile creation of the Finnish ladies full of hit potential – tasty!”
SONIC SEDUCER (D), Jasmin Froghy

“Rocking, sweet as sugar and glazed with Finnish melancholy. This is the INDICA sound!”
METAL HAMMER (D), Enrico Ahlig

"Those who thought that INDICA would fade like a shooting star on the music sky were wrong. With »Shine« the ladies present some persistently glowing melodies, whose softness will also seduce any seasoned Rocker.“
PIRANHA (D), Christoph Kutzer

"Like a paper boat on the Finnish lakes, light, melancholic and driven by the winds.“
AMUSIO.COM (D), Anne C. Swallow

„INDICA seduce on their new pop rock jewel with straight, enchanting tracks full of melancholy and beguiling beauty. Every song will get right into your mind.”
EMP (D), Adam Weishaupt


01. Mountain Made Of Stone
02. Uncovered
03. A Definite Maybe
04. Goodbye To Berlin
05. Run Run
06. Here And Now
07. Missing
08. Hush Now Baby
09. Behind The Walls
10. A Kid In The Playground
11. War Child

Bonus Tracks

12. Humming Bird (Digipak Bonus)
13. Lucid (iTunes Bonus)


Mountain Made of Stone, A Definite Maybe, and Goodbye to Berlin were released as lyric video singles. 


Standard Edition: Digipack
iTunes Version


(Unknown Now)

Album Credits

Production: Roland Spremberg
String arrangements: Roland Spremberg, Stefan Pintev
Arrangements: Indica, Roland Spremberg
Music: Jonsu, Roland Spremberg, Michael Ochs
Lyrics: Jonsu, Jesse Hietanen, Michael Ochs, Roland Spemberg, Johnny Lee Andrews, Tracy Lipp
Cover Artwork: Stefan Heilemann
Studios: Petrax Studios (Finland), Studio 439 (Germany), Sonic Pump Studios (Finland)