• Name: Sirkku Maria Karvonen
  • Place of birth: Espoo
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Hair colour: Blond
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Instrument: Keyboards, clarinet
  • Favourite food: Sushi, Caesar Salad
  • Favourite animal: My dog Günther, Gimli (my pet snail), I also love monkeys
  • Favourite color: Pink
  • Favourite movie: The Lord of the Rings
  • Favourite book: KAMASUTRA
  • Favourite drink: Beer, Jalokakvi, milk
  • Favourite town: Espoo
  • Favourite musician/band/artist: INDICA, Amy McDonald, Nightwish, Kaija Koo…
  • Best place for holidays: Puula, our rehearsing place or Kekkuti (our cottage in Lapland)
  • Hobbies: Jogging with my dog, red wine, skiing
  • First album you bought: Nesez
  • Best concert: don’t remember … Kosovo <3 + all Kaija Koo gigs..
  • Favourite INDICA track: Odotan
  • You like: Barbapapa
  • You don’t like: Worms


Like the other girls, Sirkku grew up with classical music but eventually became more interested in Pop/Rock. She joined Indica after meeting Jonsu and Heini at a rock concert in 2001. Before that, she had played in at least one other band.


The typical Indica keyboard style relies on the frequent use of classic piano and Hammond organ sounds and synth-leads/pads. (e.g. Valokeilojen Vampyyri, Ikuinen Virta)


Until the Valoissa-Era (2008), Sirkku used to play a Clavia Nord Electro 2 and a Korg Triton LE. At that time, she exchanged the Triton with a Yamaha Motif XS7. She also plays both of these instruments live. Besides the keyboards and pianos, Sirkku can be heard playing the harpsichord (Pyromaani) and the clarinet (Mykkä, Helmet, Hämärrä) on the Kadonnut Puutarha and Valoissa album, while the electric pianos on Valoissa were played by Jonsu.

Sirkku also plays the Melodica in Valoissa.